Revolutionizing Dental Care with 3D Scanners and Scanner Software


We take pride in offering dental professionals access to innovative and cutting-edge 3D scanners and scanner software that empower them to provide unparalleled patient care and precision in their diagnostics and treatment planning.

Our Vision: Shaping the Future of Dentistry

Our founding partners have 30 years combined experience from practice management to dental lab manufacturing. Their combined knowledge has truly given us the skill set of finding not only a quality scanner but one that is very affordable.

We work with a large number of clients from various specialties, including:

  • General Practitioner
  • Oral surgeons
  • Orthodontics
  • Laboratories and more

Our dental experts are ready to assist you in developing a digital workflow that drives your practice.

Our Products

Intraoral Scanners

3D Scanner Software

Redefining Dental Imaging


Our range of 3D scanners is meticulously designed to cater to the unique needs of dental professionals in the USA. These scanners utilize cutting-edge technology to capture detailed, high-resolution 3D images of the oral cavity, allowing for precise examination of teeth, bones, soft tissues, and more. With unmatched clarity and accuracy, our scanners enable dental practitioners to make informed decisions, plan treatments with precision, and offer patients a deeper understanding of their oral health.

Partner With Us

We believe that by offering a cost-effective scanner with easy-to-use software, we will create an impact on the dental industry. Contact us so we can reach your office goals together.