With the AS Connect Dashboard, you can monitor the status of cases and orders, track storage space utilization, access a comprehensive list of devices with statistical information, and visualize daily scans through graphs. This empowers you to effortlessly and effectively manage your business performance and enhance communication.

Cloud Storage & Data Synchronization

AS Connect integrates seamlessly with cloud storage, enabling you to store all digital files with minimal local drive usage. This feature facilitates convenient editing of your scans, effortless archiving of digital impressions and orders, and remote management of all your data.


AS Connect offers a built-in direct communication feature that allows you to quickly and effectively communicate with your laboratories. This seamless communication channel ensures that your desired outcomes are achieved, resulting in higher quality end-products. By streamlining the communication process, AS Connect also helps save valuable time and resources, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction.

Patient & Case Management

The Patient & Case Management feature enables easy comparison with previous data, providing the ability to track progress and evaluate treatment effectiveness over time. With AS Connect, you can conveniently access and review the case history of the same patient from different time periods. Furthermore, it allows for the integration of data from other devices, transforming AS Connect into a centralized imaging center. This allows for a comprehensive analysis of the patient’s condition, ensuring accurate diagnosis, tailored treatment plans, and improved continuity of care.

Web Viewer & Data Sharing

The Web Viewer feature in AS Connect allows you to conveniently view and adjust scan data on a PC or a mobile device. It also enables real-time communication with partners and patients. Additionally, the Data Sharing feature allows you to create links to 3D data and easily share them with others, eliminating the need for them to sign up. These features work together to enhance collaboration, improve patient care, and simplify data sharing processes.

Recommended System Requirements


CPU12th or 13th Gen Intel® Core™ i7 or i9
Graphics *RTX 30 or 40 series 6GB
Disk1 TB SSD
OSWin 10 (build 18362+) / Win 11, 64 bit

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